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Perch On The Pier

Southern Pavilion, Worthing

This establishment underwent a significant transformation, involving a comprehensive refurbishment of both the kitchen and front-of-house areas.


Given the building's listed status, utmost care was taken to preserve its period features, particularly the ceiling. Employing astute painting techniques, we achieved a harmonious blend of modern finishes with the iconic art deco style, in perfect alignment with the brand's identity.

To optimize the awe-inspiring views of the southern coast, the bar area was strategically relocated, ensuring that the breath taking scenery takes centre stage for all guests to appreciate.


Furthermore, a  revision of the front-of-house area was undertaken, culminating in the addition of a captivating theatre kitchen. This addition imparts a grand and captivating ambiance, enhancing the overall experience for our esteemed guests.


A feature point throughout The Perch is the tiled flooring which was designed by our Director Martin Hammond, that leaves an enchanting and lasting impression on visitors.


Lastly, the balcony area has been thoughtfully reopened, with revised banisters surrounding the atrium. This alteration allows guests to once again savour the upstairs area while soaking up the awe-inspiring views that this venue has to offer.

The Perch On The Pier

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