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Southbank & Dockside

In 2018, Strada Dockside and Strada Southbank, re-branded and proudly reopened at their prestigious London locations in St Katharine's Docks and Royal Festival Hall. Following brief refurbishments handled by C-Side Design.

Notably, the Southbank site was expanded to incorporate a new enclosed seating area in the Foyles lobby, enhancing the dining experience for guests.


Throughout the redesign process, great care was taken to smoothly blend a modern Italian dining experience with the beloved and welcoming ambiance that characterizes the Strada brand.

These restaurants artfully combine contemporary elements with a warm family feel, ensuring a delightful and inviting atmosphere for all guests.


Our collaborative journey with Various Eateries also continues as we work together on their Coppa Club brand, further exemplifying our commitment to delivering exceptional and enduring design solutions in the hospitality industry.


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