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Abbots Barton Hotel



As soon as you walk into the reception area, you are immediately greeted by the reception desk which is crafted from green marble, the intricate veining adds a touch of natural elegance.

The base is highlighted with soft, golden panels that introduce warmth and sophistication. Flanking the desk are two sleek, modern lamps with gold finishes, which provide a warm glow and enhance the area's upscale ambiance.


The team opted for a feature wall behind the reception desk. The eye-catching geometric wall was designed in house and is a completely bespoke manufactured item.  Finished in a deep blue, accented with subtle, integrated lighting that creates a dramatic and dynamic visual effect.


The ceiling mirrors the wall's geometric patterns with its textured blue design, further unifying the space's aesthetic.


This combination of colours and textures, from the rich blues to the earthy green marble and the warm gold accents, creates a cohesive and inviting atmosphere, making the reception area both welcoming and visually interesting.

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