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Bill's Restaurants

50+ Sites 

Bill's originated as a greengrocers in Lewes, East Sussex, during the early 2000s, and with their expansion to Brighton, we were entrusted to play a crucial role in their nationwide roll-out. C S Design took on the responsibility of designing the layouts and fit-out schemes for over 50 branches of Bill's Restaurants.


Central to Bill's ethos is seasonal all-day dining, we created designs that accommodate both early mornings and evening trade.

Notably, the earlier sites featured a retail offer at the front of each store, making it imperative for us to meticulously plan the user journey.


Bill's Restaurants are renowned for their selection of sites with historical significance and distinctive character, exemplified by locations such as Horsham Town Hall and North Gate Hall in Oxford. As such, each project is approached with utmost sensitivity and treated on an individual basis, ensuring that the restaurant's unique charm and character are carefully preserved in the design process.


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