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Toby / Green King / FEC’s

  • Working with John Rogers the ‘Guru’ of this field was always an inspiration. Having worked with him for many years on many projects we were asked to team up and contribute to the new concepts for the Toby and Green King restaurants. We looked at all aspects of the interiors and tried to enhance the new ideas of bringing both concepts into the present but maintaining the essence of where they come from with a new appeal that would enhance the offer giving it a fresh emphasis.
  • Project budgets per site approx. 650k
  • The FEC project experience was with S&P Architects at the time. We worked with the European clients and Rank in producing on a large scale complete entertainment centres that included bowling alleys, amusement arcades, pool hall, dining, bar areas with the ‘Jumpin Jaks’ and ‘Hotshots’ venues for evening entertainment. There were nightclubs and cinema complexes that accompanied this concept so they were on a very large scale. The Rank sites included Waterworlds and Leisure Ice that completed a superior destination site within the regions they were built. Dealing with the interior aspects of these projects required an understanding of how the centres worked and flowed in order to create a fantastic experience.
  • Project budget per site approx. 5 m +

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